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How to grow a banana at home: varieties. Growing a banana at home

Sweet, soft and everyone's favorite bananas are not for nothing the most popular fruit in the world. Cultivation of these plants began in ancient times, and the first information can be dated XVII-XI centuries BC. In terms of botany, it is not a tree or even a palm tree, but the very real grass, and the fruit is a multi-seeded berry. Now the banana is used not only for food, but also as an ornamental plant. It can be found in winter gardens, greenhouses and even in the apartment.

Is it possible to grow a banana tree

Many flower growers are interested in whether it is possible to grow a home banana. After all, its beautiful, dark green leathery leaves, will be able to attract the attention of any guest and become a wonderful addition to the flower collection. Oddly enough, the indoor banana is a rather unpretentious plant. Even a beginner can cope with it, if you have the desire.

Banana varieties for cultivation

Before selecting varieties, you should decide on the purpose of cultivation. Banana trees are grown as both ornamental and edible crops. Ornamental plants can give fruit, but it is more of a reward for care, and have low taste qualities. But foreign and domestic breeders have developed edible varieties of banana, which come into fruiting in a few years.

Decorative can include such species as:

Edible species and varieties of banana:

How to grow a banana at home

Another question that flower growers are interested in is how to grow a banana at home. You can grow the plant vegetatively or from seeds. In the first case, you must already have a plant or buy a cuttings in a store or greenhouse. This method is easier because the banana forms a large number of offspring around the main stem.

Growing a banana from seed is a longer and more time-consuming process. It can be a real experiment and a source of pride for the owner of the plant. It is worth noting that ornamental species are propagated in this way. Seeds can be purchased in specialized stores.

How to grow a banana tree from seeds

Seed Preparation. Banana seeds have a dense seed coat, so before sowing, a process of scarification (partial breaking of the integrity of the seed coat) is carried out. This can be done with sandpaper, a nail file, rubbing the seeds with sand, or any other method. To increase germination, you can soak with stimulants such as Epin, Zircon and others.

Seed sowing. The seeds can be sown in individual cups or in a common pot. The banana needs light to germinate. Therefore, each seed is pressed into moist soil, but not covered. The top of the container is covered with glass or a bag. Put in a bright place. Sprouts will have to wait a long time, even fresh seeds germinate for about 3 months. The optimum temperature for sprouting is +27, +33°C.

Soil. It should be light enough. A mixture of peat and river sand (4:1) works well. Ready-made substrate or coco-soil can be used.

Sprout care. After sprouting, the banana is actively growing. It needs maximum light, and at first it needs 24-hour extra light. Seedlings need a lot of heat and high air humidity for good development. When the seedlings are strong and have 2-3 leaves, they will be pickled.

How to get seeds from a purchased banana and germinate them

The interest in growing plants with seeds from store-bought fruit is appealing. Many have sown lemons, oranges, and other citrus fruits with seeds from fruit. Such an experiment attracts the attention of both flower growers and parents who want to instill in their child a love of nature. Growing a plant from the seeds in a favorite fruit can be a real game.

To get seeds from a purchased banana, you should follow these guidelines:

As a result, you should get seeds similar to purchased seeds. This raises the question of how tall the banana tree will be, because some species can reach a height of up to 12 meters. But do not worry, because for the cultivation of fruit bananas lower varieties and species are used. And under apartment conditions, the height should not exceed 2.5 meters.

Banana growing conditions

Once you have figured out how to grow a banana from seed, the question of growing conditions arises. After all, this plant is native to Malaysia, where it is always sunny and warm.

Growing conditions:

Taking care of a banana

To get a beautiful banana tree at home requires a certain amount of care. Observance of growing conditions, which includes: replanting, feeding and regular inspection, loosening the plants.

Transplanting. The indoor banana is characterized by active growth. Repotting every year is the key to good plant development. When selecting a pot, consider the size of the plant and the presence of drainage holes. For seedlings up to 20 cm - a pot of 1-2 liters, 60-70 cm - a pot of 10-15l. For plants with a height of 1,5-1,7m - a pot of about 30-35 liters. Obligatory layer of drainage 3-7cm, a small layer of sand on top, and then the substrate. Transplant the plant with a lump of earth by the method of transplanting.

Feeding. Such a plant as a room banana needs regular feeding. It is preferable to use organic fertilizers. In summertime, feed once a week, in autumn - once every 2 weeks, and in winter - once a month. If wintering at cool temperatures (+15°C), you should not fertilize. Feed immediately after watering.

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